UD SIA Beniganim SUB23
Saturday, 06 February 2021 / Published in Football News Soccer Inter-Action
DAY OF DRAWS FOR TEAMS COMPETING NATIONALLY CF Dragon Force Valencia’s Youth A and UD SIA Benig-niim played their home games and managed to add important points for the future of the National League and the Spanish Third Division. The Royal Spanish Football Federation continues its efforts to work for the health security of its
entrenamiento covid 19
Saturday, 23 January 2021 / Published in Football News Soccer Inter-Action
The Soccer Inter-Action International Football Academy has adjusted its training plan to continue the development of its young players while complying with all health guidelines. The new sanitary measures imposed by the Government of the Valencian Community for the next two weeks throughout the whole autonomous territory have led to stoppages in the world of
summer football camp in spain
Tuesday, 04 August 2020 / Published in Football Camps, Football News Soccer Inter-Action
EXCITING MONTH OF AUGUST IN SIA THANKS TO THE SOCCER CAMPUS The High Performance Football Centre of Soccer Inter-Action will have the presence of the summer soccer camp of FC Porto, team that has just won the Portuguese League and Cup. Summer is the time when football players prepare for the next season. Football training
Friday, 13 March 2020 / Published in Football News Soccer Inter-Action
SIA ACADEMY ANALYZES THE STATUS OF ITS PLAYERS AFTER THE CORONAVIRUS Soccer Inter-Action players and workers have undergone medical testing at the SIA Clinic to detect any viral symptoms, including COVID-19. All precautions are taken. The well-being of the players and workers at Soccer Inter-Action’s International Soccer Academy is paramount, and after the outbreak of
FC PORTO Dragon Force in MIC Football What is MIC Football Tournament? MIC Football is an international football tournament that gathers around the most talented and recognised teams of the world in a 1-week tournament. Some of the teams playing are part of the top academies in the world like for example: Real Madrid, FC
Monday, 30 December 2019 / Published in Football News Soccer Inter-Action
How to become a professional footballer while studying Every player dedicates a lot of time, effort and resources on their way to success. We can distinguish high level sport players, high performance sport players and high dedication sport players. Differences between them depend on the amount and level of successes they are able to achieve.