On the night of Friday 25th August, the pre-season friendly match between Inter San José “B” and UD Alzira Juvenil “B” took place at the Beniferri ground. Our academy international player, 17 year old Jill Meghani from India, was called up to be part of this match. An opportunity to play with professional teams from
Here are three key tips to follow to look after the health of an elite footballer: 1. Taking care of the diet of a football player Diet is a fundamental pillar in the performance of a professional athlete. To reach their maximum potential, it is crucial that their diet is balanced and adapted to the
Without a doubt, psychology in the world of sports has become a fundamental topic when talking about performance, handling situations under pressure, overcoming adversity of any kind and, in general, maintaining stable mental health. Soccer players are subjected to environments where media pressure, stress to perform well and achieve good results can end up being
In the world of soccer there are different ways to prepare and measure the level of the players. One of these are the friendly matches, which serve in different ways: to compete during a preseason, to prepare for a tournament, to increase the pace of competition or to measure the level of the players. At
With a degree in physical activity and sport sciences, a master’s degree in high performance and health, and already with four years of experience at SIA Academy, Ximo Blasco, our physical trainer, tells us a little about his day-to-day work at the Academy. Although Ximo’s main objective is to enhance the players’ performance and minimize
Preparing for an international tournament is an intense and crucial process for any football team. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the scenario was no different as they prepared for the COTIF U-20 Tournament 2023. The decision to rely on the prestigious SIA Academy for their pre-tournament training proved to be a strategic step that