SIA Academy is the ideal international football academy in Spain to become a professional footballer. The place where each player’s performance is maximised and where there are opportunities to compete against the best football clubs. This is the case of the match between Soccer Inter-Action and Levante UD. The LaLiga team visited the SIA Academy
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SIA Academy is more than an international football academy. It is also the place where young foreign talents get a taste of elite football in Spain. This is the case of Mahd Academy, a football academy in Saudi Arabia. For three weeks they train and compete at the SIA Center. Mahd Academy is in the
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Summer football camps are an option chosen by many footballers to improve their football skills during the holidays. A great opportunity to take a leap forward in talent before signing for a new club or jumping to a different team. They are essential to continue competing in the off-season. Even so, there are many players
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The TIFUT is one of the best grassroots football tournaments in Spain. The pandemic stopped the 2020 and 2021 editions. In 2022 the best football clubs in Spain return to the Municipal de Massanassa. CDB SIA Massanassa will play against FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia CF and many more. What does TIFUT 2022 look like?
Great victory for UD SIA Benigànim. The first team of SIA Academy managed to beat Hércules CF in the last league match of the Spanish Third Division. Goals from Israel Ull and Bapodra meant another win for the ‘ganxuts’ against a historic club in Spanish football. The Alicante side took the lead with a goal
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Many boys and girls want to be professional footballers in Spain. To make a living playing the sport they love the most. Fame, money, recognition… there are many attractive aspects of being an elite football player. But behind it there is a lot of effort, sacrifice and dedication. In this article we show you the