FFCV 2019
Saturday, 05 October 2019 / Published in Football News Soccer Inter-Action
Presentamos los cuerpos técnicos de las Selecciones Valencianas en The High Performance Center Todos los organismos técnicos de las selecciones nacionales valencianas de la FFCV para la temporada 2019/2020 se presentan este fin de semana en Enguera (Valencia). El complejo deportivo Soccer Interaction es el lugar elegido para la presentación de los responsables de los
Real Madrid gana al Villarreal en la final del torneo de fútbol
Sunday, 01 September 2019 / Published in Football News Soccer Inter-Action
Football tournament of under-16 players in Spain As every year, Soccer Inter-Action hosts teams of the U16 international soccer championship held in the city of Alzira. By participating in the best teams in the national league, this new edition allows us to announce the new players of the football elite that are waiting to be
Selection India COTIF 2019
Saturday, 10 August 2019 / Published in Football News Soccer Inter-Action
Noticia COTIF Soccer Inter-Action   Alcudia hosted for another year the thirty-sixth edition of COTIF, the football international tournament which is celebrated every summer and this year was between the 28 of july to the 8 of August, with the participation of important national football teams of all de world. Additionally, this year the COTIF
The national team U20 is hosted at Soccer Inter-Action for their preparation at COTIF The national women’s team of India U20 has landed on Valencian lands to stay in the High performance facilities of Soccer Inter-Action during the preparation and dispute the COTIF competition held in the town of L’alcúdia. The national team has chosen
Bahrain prepares at SIA during the international COTIF tournament   The Bahrain national team has placed itself in the hands of Soccer Inter-Action to complete their stay and get ready for the COTIF tournament, one of the international tournaments with the highest national teams U20.   Soccer Inter-Action it’s an exclusive football resort, touristic and
Wednesday, 10 July 2019 / Published in Football News Soccer Inter-Action
Soccer Inter-Action, FC Porto’s official partner in Spain, has been selected by the Corporation of the City Council of Benigànim (Spain), to manage the U.D. Benigànim, team that will compete next season in the Spanish third division, according to a project based on a proven model of sport and education. Both parties agree in addition