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A Training Methodology that respects the essence of the game of football Methodology that respects the ideas of the coach and the potential of the players. What is the essence of the game of football? Similar ideas for the game? Identical ways of thinking about training? Similar leadership? Each coach has a conception of the
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Proper nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars for the good performance of an athlete. Especially in the case of young players,nutrition is fundamental. First of all, because they need the energy to play sport andthe youngest players also need a continuous supply of nutrients for the growth and formation of their body.Therefore, it is


The Gabonese football team The Gabonese football team is the selection of Gabonese football players representing the country in international competitions under the aegis of the Gabonese Football Federation. Its players were nicknamed “Azingo” until 2000 when they became “The Panthers”. The national team played the first match in its history against Upper Volta, a
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HOW CAN CHESS HELP YOU? Chess is that game that can make your mind sharp and can improve your thinking abilities. You can learn it easily through best online chess courses online, and it provides you best online chess course. May you don’t know that chess can enhance your football skills. How? I will tell


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Do we know how to listen? I am Jose Gonzalez, in charge of the Psychology Department at Soccer Inter-Action. Thanks to my Psychology Degree, I have the ability to understand the needs of our players and know how to encourage problem solving to help them improve their sporting performance. I studied the Master of Coaching
What is being vegan? According to the International Vegetarian Union, a vegetarian is anyone who follows a diet based on plant-based foods, with or without dairy products, eggs and/or honey. When we speak of vegetarian, we mean that no animal products are consumed. If milk, eggs or honey are consumed, a prefix is added to