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SPAIN, A REFERENCE PLACE FOR THE ‘NEW’ PRE-SEASONS The sport has had to adapt to the new restrictions following the pandemic and Spain has become one of the best places for football pre-seasons. The numerous resources and level of its teams to compete in friendly matches are the keys to its success. No more doing


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ENGLISH FOOTBALL LEARNS FROM SPANISH FOOTBALL The Spanish football model is a benchmark in the sport and a mirror in which the English want to see themselves reflected. Its modernization and success in the European Championship are proof of this. England is the cradle of football. The history of this sport is linked to England.
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Soccer is a sport of an intermittent nature where high intensity efforts such as jumping, sprinting, changes of direction, hitting and contact are alternated, with periods of incomplete recovery. During their practice, there are continuous contacts and imbalances in the motor control of the players, which are generated after constant interactions in changing situations. These
What role does recovery play in athletic performance?   One of the key factors in athletic performance is recovery from fatigue after exercise. Within the recovery strategies, nutrition has a profound influence on the process since adequate availability of nutrients will allow not only the prompt replacement of energy but also the correct adaptation of

Decision making in sport

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In sport it is important to develop motor skills or muscular strength, but it is even more important to know how, when and where to perform each action, and at a very high speed, adapting continuously to game situations In order to make the right choice it is important to make good decisions. We will


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PUT THE APRON ON THE FOOTBALLER AND TEACH HIM TO COOK. A RECIPE WITH MANY BENEFITS! “Cooking is in”. At soccer inter action we work with a cooking workshop. We encourage our young sportsmen and women to plan recipes with their colleagues, cook together and enjoy the result at the table as a family. Normally