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Do we know how to listen? I am Jose Gonzalez, in charge of the Psychology Department at Soccer Inter-Action. Thanks to my Psychology Degree, I have the ability to understand the needs of our players and know how to encourage problem solving to help them improve their sporting performance. I studied the Master of Coaching
What is being vegan? According to the International Vegetarian Union, a vegetarian is anyone who follows a diet based on plant-based foods, with or without dairy products, eggs and/or honey. When we speak of vegetarian, we mean that no animal products are consumed. If milk, eggs or honey are consumed, a prefix is added to
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TRAINING TO TAKE CARE OF NUTRITION When highly talented, motivated and well-trained players compete, the margin between victory and defeat is minimal. Therefore, even the smallest details can make a big difference. Diet affects performance, and the foods we choose to eat during training and competition will affect how well we train and play. TRAINING
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THE FEARED ISCHIOSURAL INJURY IN FOOTBALL PLAYERS What are the hamstrings? The hamstring muscle group is located on the back of the thigh and consists of the long and short heads of the Biceps Femoris muscle, the Semitendinosus muscle and the Semimembranosus muscle. Many experts have studied the anatomical, biomechanical and kinematic factors that may
MOTIVATION AS A FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENT IN SPORTS PERFORMANCE             Motivation has been and continues to be one of the fields of greatest interest. It is already well-known in the sports community how important motivation is nowadays in order to maximise the talent and potential of an athlete. However, in many cases the exact definition of


WOMEN’S FOOTBALL STRUCTURE IN SPAIN One of the most asked questions about Spanish women’s football is how many levels there are and how they are structured. The first thing to understand is the relation of age to the organisation of competitions. Categories are determined by age up to 16 years old, at which point women
Of all the aspects that condition the mentality and psychological strength of an athlete, perhaps one of the most influential and that can most modify sporting performance is what we know as anxiety. This psychological variable is present at all levels and in all situations surrounding competitive practice, whether we are referring to training or
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Covid tests will be performed weekly at Soccer Inter-Action Our 3rd Division and National Youth team are being regularly tested for Covid-19 COVID-19 tests have been compulsory for Third Division and National Youth (U-19) players from October. They have also been extended to include all technical staff for these teams. The tests are always done
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Body composition study in sport The study of body composition includes the determination of the major components of the human body, the techniques and methods used to obtain them, and the influence of biological factors such as age, sex, nutritional status and physical activity. (1) Knowledge of body composition is essential for athletes for several
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DO YOU KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF BODY COMPOSITION IN FOOTBALL? The aim of this article is to present the scientific basis for the analysis of body composition in football players, which is a fundamental tool for the assessment of nutritional status both in athletes and for anyone who wants to improve their health. Before we
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HOW CAN AN AUSTRALIAN PLAYER BREAKTHROUGH EUROPEAN FOOTBALL RANKS? Fritz-Walter-Stadion, Kaiserslautern. The Spanish referee Luis Medina Cantalejo has whistled for the last time and Italy has just qualified for the quarter finals after a dramatic end. Totti has scored the goal but Fabio Grosso, the real hero on that sunny afternoon, is the one surrounded
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Psychological competences involved in injuries There are many cases in which sportsmen and women have to recover from an injury. In all sports, a series of warm-up exercises are carried out prior to the start of the sporting activity and stretching exercises once the activity has finished, both types of exercises are carried out as
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PSYCHOLOGICAL COMPETENCE AS A DETERMINING FACTOR IN SOCCER GOALKERS AT FC PORTO Dragon Force and Soccer-Inter-Action   The goalkeeper, that figure so distinct in football that only those who have put on the gloves and faced the onslaught of opponents looking for a goal to beat you know in real depth. If we were asked
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What Brazilian players have played with FC Porto? There is a long list of Brazilian football players that have played with FC Porto crest on their chest. If one pays close attention to some of the most successful FC Porto’s squads throughout a century of history is quite easy to find several Brazilian players. In
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Discover all the secrets of a country that bets on its young promises and aspires to settle on top of the Pyramid of the South American football elite. Really wrong are football fans who think that the good time of the selection of Chile has passed. It is true that in the last ten years
Football in South Korea is increasingly important thanks to the explosion of its young players over the past decade. Learn the secrets of their success and the potential they can achieve thanks to the International Football Academies. Just one more step needs to be given to football in Asia to achieve global success in football.
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The King sport gains adepts in a country with a great sporting tradition, especially in matters such as rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball, Motoring or cycling. Thanks to this great growth, international football academies, such as soccer Inter-Action, they have in their ranks the members of the Ocean continent. January is synonymous with tennis in
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In recent years, nutrition has been a source of interest for players and the coaching staff of football teams, who are increasingly aware of its benefits. It has also raised the concern of parents with the aim of ensuring the performance and health of their children. Maybe you’re wondering if I’m giving my child the
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The International Football Academy is nourished by the high competitiveness that exists in football in the Valencia Community (Spain) so that its young promises adapt even more quickly to the demands demanded by this sport in Europe. We invite you to learn about the functioning and structure of professional, semi-professional and amateur men’s football in
The advances of society, and the rights we have as a human being in this same, have undoubtedly brought us a better quality of life and a more satisfactory perception of the daily situations that occur in our day to day. But is it always useful to have a comfortable and pleasant experience? Where would
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According to FIFA, football was already practiced more than 2300 years ago in the city of Lin Zi as a military sport that served to train the troops and check the physical condition of the soldiers. What does CUJU mean? CU which means “to kick” and JU “a type of leather ball”. At first the


One of the unsportsmanlike actions that the youngest see most during a game on television is the simulation of a foul or aggression. It is a very common practice that we can see in many matches and that has become an art, the “art of deception”. Unfortunately it has become part of the game and
One of the most controversial aspects in the world of football is the situation of minors who want to play football abroad. There is no doubt that this is a controversial issue that has caused great contradictions and, according to the author of this article, much injustice. But let us proceed  step by step: What
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The king of sports in Europe “football” is increasingly present in the second most populous country in the world (in India), but it still has a long way to reach glory. A national reference is needed … and that could be you. What do I have to do to succeed in Europe? The first thing
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The football players agencies  or intermediaries as they are now known and the agencies of football players have become a fundamental piece in the current football . Personalities such as Jorge Mendes, Jonathan Barnett and Mino Raiola appear day in and day out on the front pages of sports newspapers when the signing season arrives.


What are the best countries for football trials? That’s the question several aspiring football players ask themselves while preparing to one of the most challenging experiences of their careers. To trial at a professional club. At Soccer Interaction we understand how important this decision is. Players will have to assess different aspects and each one
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The medical examination of the athlete should represent the first aspect of the athlete’s cardiovascular evaluation and should never be forgotten or underestimated. It should always include a correct interview and medical history. The purose of cardiovascular recognition should be to assess fitness and competence for physical exercise or sport and to determine the presence
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When we talk about football we are referring to the”king of sports” being played by children, teenagers and adults of either sex. Obviously, the levels at which the game is played are very varied: from kickabout between friends to international competitions involving elite athletes, so it will be difficult to generalize with the recommendations that
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Competition and base football. Compatible or utopia? A decade has passed since the Spanish National football team, along with its top-flight league, established themselves on the podium of footballing excellence. Far from it are those idioms, bad jokes and laughs about the representation of our team in World Cups and European competitions, giving way to