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Which is the best international football academy in Spain is one of the most frequently asked questions by young football players abroad. Being part of Spanish football is multiplying your chances of becoming a professional football player. Therefore, being part of a football academy is a great stepping stone to the elite. High-performance football schools
psicologo deportivo en un equipo de futbol
The psychology area is responsible for improving the well-being and sporting performance of all the components of the club. It starts by generating values and identity to the club, establishing the base of behaviours that we want from our athletes, with the previously explained base we proceed to the development of techniques or strategies, to
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The way we see and perceive reality will determine the way we see Football Coaching. Do we all see and perceive reality/life in the same way? NO. Do we all see the competition in the same way? NO. What is the difference between the global method and the analytical method? Within these two schools of
SIA Academy la mejor de Europa
The SIA Academy international football school is one of the most prestigious high performance football academies in Spain. Soccer Inter-Action has high level facilities and a professional staff that takes care of the player during his stay. High-performance football academies in Spain There are several high performance football academies in Spain. In these academies, training
UD SIA Benigànim hosted CD Roda last weekend. The first team of Soccer Inter-Action’s international football academy battled against one of the best grassroots football clubs in Spain. The team managed by SIA includes several players with a background in Roda. UD SIA Benigànim players The training project of UD SIA Benigànim focuses on an


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Physical preparation in a football context Football, as a sport, has its own characteristics that define and condition its functioning and Hernández Moreno (1994) understands it as “those sports of collaboration – opposition, in which the action of the game is the result of the interactions between the participants, produced in such a way that