The Canal de Navarrés is a Valencian region full of young people eager to do sport. But with few clubs. Children want to know where to play football in La Canal de Navarrés. The solution is in Enguera and is called SIA Academy.. CF Soccer Inter-Action is the ideal club to play football in La
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We have to take into account many aspects, and one of them is the economic capacity we have to acquire one camera or another. It is important to emphasise that it will be possible to record matches with many types of cameras, and subsequently these matches will also be analysed correctly. However, an important nuance
Belgium is a country with a great football tradition. Belgian football has gradually grown to become one of the world’s benchmarks. Home-grown stars have emerged as international superstars and all have been brought up in Belgium’s increasingly competitive grassroots football. In this article we take a look back at the best moments of the Belgian
The world of football is becoming more and more professionalised at all levels. Nowadays, in Spain, players in the 4th and 5th divisions can dedicate themselves full time to football and make a living from it. It is a sport that moves many millions of people around the world and that has evolved towards professionalism
Sport is a very positive exercise for people, this fact together with the beautiful experiences it generates causes children to start playing sport earlier and earlier. The methodology at Soccer Inter-Action provides comprehensive training, taking into account physical, tactical, technical and psychological preparation, helping to train the players with a very innovative methodology, helping them
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SIA Academy competes against the best football clubs in Spain. The Villarreal Yellow Cup Easter 2022 has been used for the Soccer Inter-Action youth team to play against the future players of LaLiga Santander. In the first matchday 1 of group B, SIA faced Real Sociedad. The Basque team was one of the favourites to