The players of the SIA Academy international academy have a great experience of professional football. The Soccer Inter-Action players have enjoyed a training session at the Valencia CF facilities. This is where the stars of LaLiga Santander train. The session has been led by a coach of Valencia CF’s grassroots football. They have been able
In high-level sport there is increasingly equal participation of women in most disciplines, however, at the scientific level most studies still use men as participants in sports performance research and there is much less evidence on women’s exercise physiology. This is a major problem, as physiological differences between the two genders mean that the evidence
Football is a sport of an intermittent nature where high intensity efforts such as jumping, sprinting, changes of direction, kicking and contact alternate with periods of incomplete recovery. Therefore, football players will need high levels of fitness, developing a specific combination of strength, speed and endurance, in order to perform at a high level throughout
Who hasn’t wanted to be a professional footballer at some point in their life. To play every weekend in the best stadiums in the world. To compete with the stars of the sport. To be on television every day. A dream that requires a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication that is not easy
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Spain is one of the best countries in the world to play football. Many hours of sunshine, good weather, great facilities and a multitude of teams with which to arrange friendlies. The pre-season training camps of international teams are held in Spain. However, it is important to know which is the best place to do
CLINIC WITH AUSTRALIAN STAGE TEAM AT SIA CENTRE SIA Academy is more than just a football academy. Its great coaching staff and excellent facilities mean that many clubs want to stay at the SIA Center. It is a professional football experience in Spain. They travel to the Soccer Inter-Action facilities to learn, improve and have
Injuries in football happen and will always happen. There is no doubt about that. But science and physical preparation are becoming more and more advanced. We know a lot more about our bodies and as a result we can tackle injuries much earlier. Now it’s time to put it into practice. This article is not


Being a goalkeeper is unique. It is a special position. It is the one in charge of stopping the opponents’ attempts. The last piece before the other team scores. Many of the lessons absorbed by outfield players are of no use to goalkeepers because of their different nature. Goalkeepers therefore have their own golden rules.
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Football is a sport played by many people. For both men and women. To excel depends on small details and on following a correct and concrete method. Football has undergone a big change. There are many specialists in every little area of the game. This is how they develop for the elite. In a football
SIA Academy stands out as a high-performance international academy. Footballers work in an elite environment to develop their full potential and become professionals. All the work at Soccer Inter-Action is geared towards this. This also includes the stress tests. All players at Soccer Inter-Action’s international academy undergo gaseous stress tests. It is a way to


Football is one of the most complex sports that can be played, this is because any situation that occurs during a session or match is influenced by numerous factors of different kinds, all of them interrelated in a certain way at each moment and which as a consequence give rise to an observable reality that


Football is a well-studied and highly advanced sport. It didn’t take long to prove that sports medicine was essential. Now it is essential in any neighbourhood training club. Before, it was only essential at the elite level. Although there are still logical differences between the lower and higher categories. High-performance football centres have advanced sports