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Thursday, 19 May 2022 / Published in Blog-English, Football Camps, Football Tournaments
SIA Academy competes against the best football clubs in Spain. The Villarreal Yellow Cup Easter 2022 has been used for the Soccer Inter-Action youth team to play against the future players of LaLiga Santander. In the first matchday 1 of group B, SIA faced Real Sociedad. The Basque team was one of the favourites to
UD SIA Benigànim had their last outing of the season this weekend. The visit to CD Acero was the penultimate match of the season for the young stars of the SIA Academy. The result, a 3-0 scoreline that didn’t reflect all the chances the ‘ganxut’ team had.’. Goals from Morón, Juancar and Civera tipped the
torneo internacional villarreal yellow cup
Wednesday, 18 May 2022 / Published in Academia, Blog-English, Football Camps
SIA Academy added a great experience since the 14th of April. The international football academy of Soccer Inter-Action was protagonist in the Villarreal Yellow Cup Easter 2022. One of the most reputable Easter grassroots football tournaments in national football. Soccer Inter-Action took part in the fry categories with three teams, infants, cadets and juniors with
Wednesday, 18 May 2022 / Published in EDUCACION, Football News Soccer Inter-Action
SIA Academy crosses borders. The best international football academy in Spain is expanding its brand and making its sporting and training project known in different schools. On this occasion, the director of Soccer Inter-Action in Chile, Juan Fernando Ramirez, visited the San Jorge School in Arica, Chile. The aim of the visit was to explain
SIA Academy 3ª division
Tuesday, 26 April 2022 / Published in Blog-English, Football Tournaments
UD SIA Benigànim faced one of the strongest teams in the Spanish Third Division. Torrent CF would be the rival. The first team of SIA Academy fought valiantly against a team with experienced players in better categories. The effort was not rewarded and the final result was 0-2. The match was not decided until the
Tuesday, 26 April 2022 / Published in Academia, EDUCACION, Football News Soccer Inter-Action
Soccer Inter-Action’s international football academy offers accommodation, food and a sports programme to young Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country. SIA Academy has been hosting 50 Ukrainian refugees. The footballers arrived last Monday at Soccer Inter-Action’s facilities in order to have a safe stay. SIA Academy supports Ukraine Soccer Inter-Action mobilised from the first moments of