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The Spanish Education Act establishes compulsory schooling for children under 16 years of age. School attendance is compulsory and it is impossible to study online.

The SIA Academy has an agreement with British School Xátiva which allows our players to combine studies and training.

British School is a place of education and life, with high level facilities and one of the most advanced educational methods in the world. British School Xátiva offers the opportunity to study in a public school immersed in a 100% British system. 15 minutes from Soccer Academy.


For students over 16 years of age, the academy offers official studies authorised by the Conselleria de Educación and recognised by the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and by the Consejo Superior de Deportes.

The sports technician courses are organised in three cycles that correspond to the three levels of coaching. The three qualifications enable the student to coach football teams from training to professional levels and give access to university studies.

The course is run by the company Élite Sport and takes place entirely in our facilities: the theoretical part in the training classrooms of Sia Centre and the practical part coaching the teams of CF Sierra de Enguera and UD Alzira.


You will be able to improve your level of English or Spanish and obtain the official Cambrige and Instituto Cervantes certificates.

Academia Atenea offers a wide range of language courses, taking into account the different timetables of our students. The courses offered make it possible to combine studies and sport.

The syllabus is adapted according to EOI and Cambridge requirements, interactive and very practical methodology. It is from the age of 16.


We are here to help you. Soccer inter-action S.L. has the best international football academy and the best high performance centre adapted to football.


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    When a child says "I want to go into professional football", parents want their child's academic education to be present as well.
    At SIA Academy for players we transmit to young people and parents from all over the world that it is possible to combine top level football with the education of the player. Our aim is to educate through football.
    We believe in the importance of players continuing their academic education while they develop as athletes and that is why this academy offers different training options to suit the educational needs of each player.