Trials Sia UD Benigànim

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Football Trials

Getting players scouted


Our football trials are the perfect opportunity to join a club of the 3rd Spanish division.

This trial will allow you to showcase your potential during a preparatory week with coaches UEFA Pro and at the end of the week have the opportunity to find yourself a future in the football world with the presence of the coach of SIA UD Benigànim and many other Spanish clubs.

  • 5 days of training + 1 trial day with scouts from SIA UD Benigànim and many other Spanish clubs.
  • Top quality sport facilities with accommodation and food included.

During your stay you’ll have available our fitness trainer, our nutritionist, our sport psychologist that will help you with anything needed.

You’ll be able to use our top quality sport facilities of Soccer Inter-action which has accommodation for the football players In the same facility as the football pitches alongside with a restaurant for lunch and dinner.

This allows you to concentrate only on getting prepared during the trainings for the trials without any other worry.

  • From January 10 to 16, 2022.
  • Soccer Inter-Action Carretera CV590, KM 51, 46810,Valencia
  • For the talented football players from 18 to 22 years old.
  • 999€

For 6 days (From Monday until Saturday)

75€ extra day
120€ Pick up Valencia airport
120€ Drop off Valencia airport 
200€ Pick up Alicante airport 
200€ Drop off Alicante airport 


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