como ser jugador profesional en España
Being a professional football player in Spain is a goal sought by hundreds of thousands of football players around the world. They come to Spain from all over the world to dedicate themselves to the beautiful game. To get closer to the goal it is important to learn in an international football academy in Spain.
academia mde futbol en Valencia
Joining an international football academy is the key to becoming a professional footballer in Spain. Therefore, we present proposals to achieve your goals. The Soccer Inter-Action international football school is a safe bet to achieve success. Football academies in Spain Soccer Inter-Action is one of the most prestigious international football academies in Spain. Its unbeatable
educacion en el futbol
Sport, acquisition of habits and values Sport in general, and team sports in particular, are considered to have great potential for the development of healthy habits and the acquisition of values. Moreover, we should not forget the important physical and psychological benefits of sport. Thus, the importance of the coach’s role with regard to the


partido SIA Academy vs Levante UD
Players from the Soccer Inter-Action international football academy enjoyed a friendly match against Levante UD. The SIA Academy players visited the Ciudad Deportiva de Buñol to face one of the best football clubs in Spain. The match against Levante was played on the afternoon of 9th November. The players of the Soccer Inter-Action international football
Football in South Korea has become increasingly important thanks to the explosion of its young players over the last decade. Learn the secrets of their success and the potential they can achieve thanks to the International Football Academies. It only takes one more step for football in Asia to reach global football success. Countries such
Many are the players who dream of becoming professional football players, reaching the top and enjoying a passion that moves many resources worldwide, but unfortunately only a few of them reach that status at a professional level and have also given up their academic training in favour of football due to the difficulty of combining