NUTRITIONAL STRATEGIES DURING COMPETITION Los objetivos nutricionales durante esta etapa se enumeran a continuación: Carbohydrate intake in its simplest form El aporte de carbohidratos durante una competición tiene la finalidad de suministrar energía rápida al torrente sanguíneo a fin de disminuir la velocidad de consumo de las reservas (glucógeno), favoreciendo así su duración y previniendo
Self-concept is the image we have created of ourselves. It is the thoughts that we have about ourselves and that we believe define us. From this mixture of beliefs about oneself comes the “I”, which will be our overall view. These thoughts can change. The context or the other people we live with can also
Doing a football training camp in Spain is one of the objectives of clubs and national teams around the world. The great climate and excellent sports facilities make Spain the ideal place to carry out a specific training camp. In pre-season or to play a tournament. Among all the good options in Spain, one stands


TIFUT 2022 returns with great success. The International Football Tournament held in Massanassa, organised by the City Council, returned after a two-year break due to the pandemic. The 16th edition brought together some of the best football clubs in Spain. Elche CF was the team that was crowned champion of the TIFUT. The two Soccer
Grassroots football is not elite football. The players who appear on television competing in the best leagues in the world have specific training. Football players at training age need other training. Another physical preparation. Another intensity.. It is not enough to replicate what is learned in elite coaching courses. You have to adapt the sessions
A football camp is much more than football. It is living experiences, promoting values and learning and having fun with new teammates. It is a special occasion. The activities vary depending on the season in which the camp takes place. In winter they are mainly indoors. In summer, outdoors. Football camps are characterised by one
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The SIA Academy facilities hosted the Australian team Soccer by Design during their training camp in Spain. The quality of the centre and its resources, as well as its location, were key to their choice. The catering service within the facilities was also a differentiating detail. The Australian players were able to train on both
Once again this year, the pre-season training camps and summer tournaments fill the SIA Academy with top-level teams. In this case, during the COTIF, the famous tournament that celebrates its XXXVIII edition in L’Alcudia, it has been the Argentina Women’s National Team that has settled in the SIA Center to rest between each match.. An
Villarreal CF women’s team has been crowned champion of the COTIF Women’s 2022 after beating the Argentinian national team 2-1. The ‘groguet’ team was able to prepare excellently at the Soccer Inter-Action facilities to become champions. Moreover, in a special edition. The tenth of the championship The ‘groguet’ team won thanks to Sheila Guijarro’s brace.


To play football professionally or on an ongoing basis, you need to know how your body works. Knowing how to get the most out of your physique is fundamental to reach every ball, to give your best from minute 1 to 90 and to be able to perform to your full potential.. One of the
El Atlético de Madrid se proclamó campeón en el Memorial Nacho Barberá 2022. Una final muy competida contra el Valencia CF que se acabó decidiendo en la tanda de penaltis. Paradas, tiros fuera, incluso una lesión de un lanzador, pero con un final feliz para el equipo alojado en el SIA Center.. El Atlético consiguió
The Luxembourg national football team has never been a world power. It is a small country with a small population. A combination that limits the chances of its national football on the international stage. However, Luxembourg’s best players are determined to change that. The Luxembourg national team hit rock bottom in 2006. At that time