Italian player debuts in the UD Alzira women’s team Our SIA Academy international player Alice Ridolfi, 18 years old, from Italy, makes her debut as a starter in the women’s team of our subsidiary UD Alzira in the match against CF Ciudad de Alcoy. ALICE PLAYER OF THE SIA ACADEMY ANNUAL PROGRAMME Alice, a player
The match this weekend, SIA Academy vs U.E La Mancomunitat was a game with few chances on goal, although the home team had a few key seconds to score, the ball did not find its way into the net. On the other hand, the opposition had possession of the ball without creating too much danger.
SIA Academy player debuted in the UD Alzira youth team Our international player of SIA Academy, Lukian Skuz, from Ukraine, debuted at 16 years old with UD Alzira Youth. Lukian, participated in the matches that took place this weekend. In the first match held on Saturday, UD Alzira faced Olympiakos Alcasser. An opportunity for Lukian
SIA ACADEMY: SECOND VIF LEAGUE MATCH This week our SIA Academy team had the second match of the VIF league. Our SIA Academy players faced the Alicante City FA academy. SIA Academy played away in Alicante. José Luis Justiniano, as part of the academy’s coaching staff, comments that in the first half of the match,
SIA ACADEMY PLAYERS PLAYED AS STARTERS SIA Academy faced CD Ontinyent as visitors in the seventh matchday of the 2023-2024  league. Our players Giacomo Brunati and Justin Vallelian played as starters. Xavi Candel, coach of the SIA Academy team, highlights the participation of Giacomo on his good defensive performance after returning from injury. In the
SIA Academy vs CF Promeses Sueca: A match that finally took place The SIA Academy team, subsidiary of UD Alzira, played its last game on 26th October at CF Promeses Sueca’s facilities. A match that finally took place after the misfortune that forced the match to be cancelled on the original date. Details of the
SIA Academy Annual Program: Medical Examination In the SIA Academy annual program, a medical examination is performed for all academy players at the at the start of programming. The medical examination at SIA Academy consists of several medical tests such as a blood test, electrocardiogram, gas stress test and finally a bone densitometry, also known
The Importance of the Recovery Period in Physical Training: Optimising Performance and Health The recovery period in physical training is a crucial component to the success and long-term sustainability of any fitness programme. This period refers to the time allotted between intense exercise sessions or specifically between training sets. This phase is often overlooked, but
How to optimise the individual training of the football player? Football is a collective and open sport, in which specific and individual technical and tactical situations are developed, which are part of the individual and collective development of the football player. For this reason, the aim is to optimise the individual training of the football
SIA Academy in the VIF League There will be 10 academies participating in this third edition of the VIF League. A tournament where international academies will face each other in the Valencia region of Spain. SIA Academy will participate for the first time in the VIF League III season. One more opportunity for our players
SIA ACADEMY VS CD CONTESTANO: Matchday 6 Our Lliga Primera FFCV team, Academia SIA faced CD Contestano as home team on Thursday 12th October. Xavi Candel, coach of the SIA Academy team, confesses that he finds his team more and more solid so he is acquiring collective tactical behaviors, behaviors that are not found in