SIA Academy has enjoyed the stage of the international football academy of Saudi Arabia, Mahd Academy. Two weeks of accommodation, training and matches at the SIA Center to get to know and learn about Spanish football. An experience that Soccer Inter-Action has made sure was unique. Mahd Academy and its young Saudi players have enjoyed


Summer football camps are the ideal option to continue playing football on holiday. They attract hundreds of players looking to continue learning and improving. The aim is to attract new teams and to be able to develop the potential of each player when the rest of the team is resting. In order to maximise the
Playing in the Spanish third division is a very difficult goal. Only footballers with great quality and a great capacity for hard work can achieve it. It is a professionalised competition in Spanish football, where thousands of professionals are involved. It means being able to make a living as a professional footballer. That is the
SIA Academy is more than an international football academy. It is also the place where young foreign talents get a taste of elite football in Spain. This is the case of Mahd Academy, a football academy in Saudi Arabia. For three weeks they train and compete at the SIA Center. Mahd Academy is in the
At SIA we know the importance of nutrition in sports performance, which is why our project has focused on the nutritional education of our players in order to provide them with the necessary tools to encourage the voluntary adoption of healthy eating behaviours that contribute to their sporting career. Likewise, we work to attend to
Summer football camps are an option chosen by many footballers to improve their football skills during the holidays. A great opportunity to take a leap forward in talent before signing for a new club or jumping to a different team. They are essential to continue competing in the off-season. Even so, there are many players