Chakoure Akambi debuted with SIA Academy Youth D Our international player from Benin, Chakoure Akambi, 18 years old, made his debut in the SIA Academy Youth D this Sunday against C.F. Aielo at the “Campo Municipal Venecia” in Alzira. Akambi, played the 90 minutes of the match. Thanks to his good physical and technical performance
SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY: A FOCUS ON FOOTBALLERS Why is it important to meet recovery deadlines when an athlete is injured? When an athlete is injured, it is necessary to make a thorough assessment and see the degree of injury and what is affected in order to make a tailor-made rehabilitation (Just like when you go to
Sports psychology: Psychological differences between men and women in the practice of sport. It is important to note that the psychological differences between men and women in sport are not absolute and do not apply to everyone, as each individual is unique and can have a wide variability in their psychology and motivations. Are there
UD SIA Academy vs CE La Font D’en Carròs This Saturday 30th we celebrated the fourth home game of the season. UD SIA Academy faced CE La Font D’en Carròs, a team that kept control of the game, which led them to be a fair winner of the match. BEHAVIOR OF THE UD SIA ACADEMY
Sports Nutrition: What to eat before and after a match for optimal performance in young athletes.   Nutrition is a crucial component in the world of sports, and soccer is no exception. Proper nutrition before and after a soccer match can make all the difference in a player’s performance and recovery. To find out what to
SIA ACADEMY CHRISTMAS SOCCER CAMP We say goodbye to summer, but we immediately put on our boots to welcome all the players who come to our Christmas Soccer Camp. There have been hundreds of players who have lived the experience of our different soccer camps. This time we are ready to receive all the applications
Football goalkeepers play an essential role in the team by protecting the goal and preventing opponents from scoring goals. Their performance depends not only on their technical and tactical skills, but also on their physical preparation. A goalkeeper’s actions take place in a very complicated context, with a great variety of actions and very little
Youth sport psychology is an important discipline that focuses on understanding and supporting the psychological and emotional development of young people involved in sport activities. Children and adolescents participating in sport can face unique challenges in terms of personal, social and sporting development. The application of appropriate psychological principles can have a significant impact on
Second game of the season for the UD SIA Academy team, this time their rival was the Racing D’Algemesí team as the home team. The UD SIA Academy team faced for the first time against this team in the Municipal Stadium of Algemesí. This first meeting between the two teams was quite evenly matched, where
THE NIGERIA LEAGUE: AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT ITS HISTORY, TEAMS, PLAYERS AND NEWS The Nigeria League, officially known as the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL), is one of the most exciting and competitive football tournaments on the African continent. Since its inception in 1972, it has witnessed unforgettable moments, produced exceptional talent and contributed significantly
SIA ACADEMY TRYOUTS: THE CRADLE OF FUTURE FOOTBALL TALENTS In the exciting world of sport, innate talent and dedication are only the starting point. To excel in any discipline, you need a solid background, a high-performance mentality and the right opportunity to show what you’ve got. SIA Academy tryouts provide that golden opportunity for aspiring
THE NEW “PRIMERA FFCV” FOOTBALL TEAM UD SIA ACADEMY STARTS THE SEASON AS A SUBSIDIARY OF UD ALZIRA Two months ago, the alliance between SIA Academy and UD Alzira was announced, and they have been working together to prepare the players for this season. From training methodologies, technical support such as video-analysis tools to the