SIA Academy is an international football academy with a difference. It is socially committed and acts to help those who need it most. A fortnight ago, Soccer Inter-Action welcomed 50 refugee footballers fleeing the war in Ukraine to its high performance centre in Enguera, Valencia. They all belong to the clubs FC Krivbas and UFK
The SIA Center is the ideal place to stay and train. A luxury facility, equipped with the best services, which serves as a home for the future pearls of the SIA Academy. Also for clubs and national teams that want to compete in the Valencian Community for long periods of time. This is the recent
The SIA Center is a high performance sports centre ideal for football clubs. The best teams in Europe come to the SIA Academy for their training camps. Training, rest, food, leisure and much more at the Soccer Inter-Action sports complex. Villarreal CF and Atlético de Madrid were the latest guests of the SIA Center. The
SIA Academy celebrates a new edition of the summer football camp. A football camp where you can learn, enjoy and live new experiences together with football players from around the world. With Soccer Inter-Action you will be able to improve your game and enjoy high performance facilities. This summer’s SIA Academy football camp has a


What is a summer football camp? A question that many families ask themselves when they find out that their children want to sign up. They want to know how long they last, what activities are carried out, who they will go with and how much they will cost. Questions that will be answered in this
SIA Academy participates in the best grassroots football tournaments in Spain. Moments where you can compete against other clubs from all over the world. Even against great youth teams such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Villarreal CF, Real Sociedad or Atlético de Madrid. Soccer Inter-Action will play in the Football Motion Cup. A grassroots football
Injuries in football are very common. It is a contact sport where the fight for the ball can lead to injuries. Regular practice, especially at the elite level, can lead to many muscle injuries. Although all players fear several in particular that can put an end to their sporting career. In this article we review
Do you want to get to know Spanish football and make a living as a professional football player? It is a dream shared by many boys and girls around the world. Spain has great clubs and academies to learn and develop your level. But only one can be the best: SIA Academy.. Soccer Inter-Action’s international
Soccer Inter-Action enjoyed a special weekend. Sunday 1st May was Mother’s Day and SIA Academy wanted to prepare a nice detail. Without them, the footballers who defend our shield would not be present. Everything is owed to them and any detail is minimal. The coaching staff and the directors of Soccer Inter-Action wanted to involve
La Costera is a region full of football. Boys and girls want clubs where they can play the sport they love. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer teams where they can go to train and compete. So, the nearest football hub in La Costera is SIA Academy.. CF Soccer Inter-Action is the reference club in


Switzerland has been the centre of attention in world football in recent years. Big stars have been born in the small European country. Its clubs have also achieved a number of Champions League and Europa League successes. But it is the role of the national team that has been the focus of attention. Football in


Football in Monaco is one of the most popular sports. The small principality is known worldwide for its high standard of living, luxury and major sporting events. Above all, Formula 1 and tennis. However, football has been gaining ground in recent years. Although Monaco has one of the biggest football clubs in the French top