London hosted the World Travel Market, a global travel fair, where Soccer Inter-Action showcased its services and facilities as a sports travel destination. Within the destinations of the Valencian Community, we are positioned as one of the best sports destinations for training camps or stays for football teams. It was very interesting to be able

SIA Academy vs Safor CF

partidos amistosos en España
SIA Academy enjoys a preparation test against Safor Being at the academy is not just about training. Our students consciously prepare for the matches. Against Safor, they showed the work behind the daily training and managed to win. This confirms the improvement of the boys and girls since they arrived at the academy. The competition
IDA Valencia Soccer Academy
The SIA Academy players played their last game before the Christmas break. After these first four months of training, expectations are rising. The player’s progression is also noticeable in the technical and tactical aspects that they work on during the week.  The opponent for the match was IDA Valencia, a football academy that only has
eture sports
SIA Academy plays against ETURE Sports academy SIA Academy players are in a constant evolution. Each match they play, it is more evident that the training sessions are paying off. In this case, our players faced Eture and played a fantastic match, where they put into practice everything they had learnt. The difference in age
campus de futbol verano latam
In the southern hemisphere, summer will soon begin. An ideal time for children to practice football intensively. At Soccer Inter-Action we take this change into account, and that is why our Summer Camp for Latin America is a perfect opportunity for all of them. It will run for seven weeks: from the 26th of December
partido de futbol UD Levante
The boys and girls of the academy continue to grow by leaps and bounds in every game they play. This time, they drew to two against Levante International Academy. But they showed that they have a great ability to dominate possession and dominated the match. The best opportunities were for our team. The draw was
stage pretemporada
Training camps are one of the most used pre-season modalities by soccer teams. Coaches give a lot of importance to the group, and in these days or weeks the coexistence between them is mandatory. Positive synergies are created for the competition and the technical and tactical aspects of the team can be worked on for
ser jugador profesional
Most children in nations where soccer is the dominant sport dream of becoming a professional. Spain is an obvious example of this thinking. Currently there are many people playing soccer at the amateur level, but hoping to become professionals someday. Some have a privileged talent for soccer. Others have a great head that allows them

Women’s football in Spain

barcelona femenino
The evolution of women’s soccer in our country is evident. The last Golden Ball was Alexia Putellas, FC Barcelona player. In addition, the lower categories of the Spanish national team are adding world championships. The last ones to do so were the U-17 team after defeating Colombia in the final. All this means that the


qué hace un futbolista
It is normal to wonder what a footballer does. In the initiation stage a person starts playing the sport for fun. If he is talented, he can go on to make a living out of it. This profession is not like the most common ones, as it is usual to earn more money, but the
campus de navidad
The Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to play football intensively. At Soccer Inter-Action we propose a Campus where the protagonist will always be the player. Our goal is to get the most out of each player’s performance with our own methodology during the daily training sessions and also adding recreational activities every day. We


entrenar todos los dias
Many players wonder how they can become professional soccer players. Practice can get you closer to your goal, but it’s also critical to be in the right place. Training every day on your own can lead to injuries or unevenness in the physical load, which are harmful to the body in the long run. However,