preparacion fisica
Specific physical training programme at SIA Academy At Soccer Inter-Action we apply a new high performance functional specific physical training programme based on physical qualities (strength, flexibility, endurance, speed…) with the objective of improving the physical capacity of the student in the sport of football, as well as in other sports to strengthen the musculature

Stress Gas Testing

ergonometrias con gases
SIA Academy passes stress tests The Soccer Inter-Action academy kicks off a new season in the coming weeks, after the holidays, the players are looking to kick off an exciting campaign at the high performance centre at the highest level. In order for the Soccer Inter-Action teams to perform at the highest level in their
The goalkeeping coach has to adapt the methodologies to modern football. It is clear that the specific position of the goalkeeper has changed a lot in recent times as a result of the change in offside rules, with the consequent evolution in the way teams play, and the impossibility of catching the ball with the


porteros chilenos
The position of goalkeeper is one of the most special in the world of football. The solitude, concentration and perfection of a goalkeeper are the key characteristics of one of the most beautiful and complicated occupations on the pitch. Chilean football has proven to be one of the most important in South America and the
video analisis
The importance of video analysis in the world of sport is growing. It is becoming more and more important in the decision making process within a coaching staff. How to scout a rival team in football? This process is important as more and more coaches want to know how much better and know their opponents
Women’s football continues to grow around the world. Female players already have references in the beautiful game and, from a young age, they want to become the footballers they now see on television. It is an area that is growing at an uneven pace in different parts of the world. Women’s football in Europe is