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The Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to play football intensively. At Soccer Inter-Action we propose a Campus where the protagonist will always be the player. Our goal is to get the most out of each player’s performance with our own methodology during the daily training sessions and also adding recreational activities every day. We


entrenar todos los dias
Many players wonder how they can become professional soccer players. Practice can get you closer to your goal, but it’s also critical to be in the right place. Training every day on your own can lead to injuries or unevenness in the physical load, which are harmful to the body in the long run. However,
It is said that goals win games and defenses win championships. Protecting your goal is more important than attacking your opponent’s goal. Great teams in history have relied on the solidity of their center backs and midfield. Based on this confidence, the attackers were more free to play their football. So, it’s normal to wonder
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Parents are looking for healthy environments where their children can play sport. Football is the most popular sport, which is why these are the most common campuses. Of course, they always want the best for their children, so they will choose the campus that best suits them. Therefore, the best option will be the one
stage pretemporada
Arriving in good condition at the start of the competition is essential. Coaches work during the summer to find the right balance between the vacations, the player’s individual work and the start of the preseason. The physical aspect is becoming more and more important in elite soccer. Well, in these preseasons it is usual to
c´omo entrenar
Young people see sport as a way to strengthen their skills. Working on their self-esteem is fundamental. The state of mind in sport is key to face any competition. Many people wonder what sports psychology is or what is meant by sports psychology. It is the mental work that is done with players so that

What is performance analysis?

analisis de rendimiento
Performance analysis (PA) is a new branch of sport science which continues to evolve and determine the extent of itself (Wright et al. 2014). An early definition of PA by Bishop (2003) highlights the importance of creating a valid record of performance (collecting data) by systematic observations that can be analysed to promote a change.
campus de invierno
Vacations are an ideal time for children to play sports intensively. Not going to school allows them to have more time to play soccer. From this advantage have been born the Campus, where there is at least a daily practice to improve the skills of the players. The parents’ doubt is always the same: what

Valencia Women against ALS

valenci aELA femenino
This is the Valencia, finalist of the I Women’s Tournament against ALS organized by SIA Academy Since yesterday, Hispanic Heritage Day is also the day on which the first women’s tournament against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was held. This festive date brought together hundreds of attendees who enjoyed four matches played between these teams: Valencia,

Villarreal CF against ELA

SIA Massanassa vs Villarreal CF
Learn about Villarreal CF, a participant in a tournament organized by SIA Academy Think you know your team’s history? Are you a Villarreal fan and still not hooked on their women’s section? Today is the time to start. In this post you can find out about the Castellón club from its beginnings to the present

Elche vs Real Madrid

Elche vs real Madrid
SIA Academy players watch Elche – Madrid at the Martínez Valero stadiu If you want to be the best, you have to see the professionals. Our academy students had the privilege of attending the Martínez Valero to watch the Elche – Madrid Liga Santander match. They dream of one day competing on this kind of

Women’s Levante against ALS

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Get to know Levante in depth, winner of the 1st SIA Academy ALS Tournament Do you think you know your team’s history? Are you a Levante fan and still not addicted to their women’s section? Today is the time to start. In this article you can learn about the club from its beginnings to the