Switzerland has been the centre of attention in world football in recent years. Big stars have been born in the small European country. Its clubs have also achieved a number of Champions League and Europa League successes. But it is the role of the national team that has been the focus of attention. Football in


Football in Monaco is one of the most popular sports. The small principality is known worldwide for its high standard of living, luxury and major sporting events. Above all, Formula 1 and tennis. However, football has been gaining ground in recent years. Although Monaco has one of the biggest football clubs in the French top
SIA Academy holds football tryouts for footballers looking to perfect their game. The goal is to captivate the numerous football scouts who come to the SIA Center. It is also to convince the best football agents to catapult you into professional football in Spain. The international football academy Soccer Inter-Action organises renowned football tryouts. A
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SUMMER FOOTBALL CAMP AT SIA ACADEMY Would you like to play and train at a summer football camp? Are you unsure about which one to choose? Don’t worry, we’ll help you. The best football camp in 2022 is the SIA Academy. A unique experience with high performance football for all players. The Soccer Inter-Action football
Football in Luxembourg has grown by leaps and bounds. The tiny European state was at the bottom of the UEFA rankings just over ten years ago. Even behind San Marino, considered the worst European team. Progress and investment in recent seasons have allowed Luxembourg football to develop. Many factors have played a role in this
SIA Academy’s main objective is to take players towards professional football in Spain. To do this, we have a football trials programme. Football players participate and agents and scouts hunt for the best talents. This is the way to reach the elite. We tell you what the SIA Academy football trials consist of and how