Debuting in a RFEF Third Division team is an achievement that few footballers can achieve. The category is demanding and clubs such as Valencia CF, Atlético de Madrid, Real Sociedad and Sevilla FC, among others, compete. Only talented players can make it to a division where many players are already professionals. SIA Academy offers the
Would you like to try out for a football team in Spain and don’t know where? Don’t worry. Soccer Inter-Action has the answer. You can take part in the football trials organised by SIA Academy for national and international football players. A great opportunity to become a professional football player.l. The SIA Academy football trials
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The Spanish RFEF Tercera is a semi-professional category. Clubs such as Villarreal CF, Valencia-Mestalla CF, Real Sociedad or Sevilla FC take part in the competition. Many football scouts travel around the stadiums in search of the pearls that are destined to become professional players in Spain. UD SIA Benigànim is one of the clubs competing


There is no better way to learn to play football in Spain than by competing. It is the only way to improve and develop as a footballer. The footballers who are part of the SIA Academy international academy were able to play against another great team like Safor CF.. The friendly match was held at


SIA MASSANASSA CF TAKES ON VALENCIA CF AND LEVANTE UD SIA Academy continues its strong commitment to women’s football. It does so with the help of SIA Massanassa CF. The club managed by Soccer Inter-Action enjoyed two days of celebration by hosting a triangular match between Valencia CF, Levante UD and the SeleccióValenta U21. In
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How do you get into an international football academy in Spain? A question asked by many young players from all over the world who are looking for a chance to become professional footballers. High-performance schools are the ideal place to grow, although getting into them is not easy. It requires a lot of sacrifice to
The Australian national football team is a regular fixture at World Cups. They are the biggest football power in Oceania and usually sweep the qualifying rounds. They have also won the OFC Nations Cup, the continent’s equivalent of the European Championship. Australia is a growing world power, both at national team level and in domestic
Football is the most played and followed sport in the world. Yet in North America it was still a step behind. For a short time. In both the United States and Canada, new football avenues have been opened up to capture the attention of spectators. We focus on the Canadian country. With little history, but
How can I take a good free kick in football? A question we have all faced while playing a match. Whether with your team or with friends. To score a free kick is to be the best player in the game because it separates the good players from the bad players. To shoot a free


Football in Australia is a sport that is growing by leaps and bounds. Major franchises have appeared in the Oceanic country to boost the level of their teams. In addition, several stars have decided to end their careers on Australian soil. A mix that has raised the level and made Australian football a thriving market.
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Great result for UD SIA Benigànim. The first team of SIA Academy was able to beat Atlético Saguntino, second in the Spanish Third Division, 1-3. Soccer Inter-Action’s promising youngsters even went on to win 3-0 against one of the top candidates for promotion to Segunda RFEF.  Iván García, Israel Ull and Pablo Ros scored the
Football camps are the best option for young footballers to continue to grow during a break. They learn, enjoy themselves and make new friends. Many players sign up for these football camps, although there is one recommended option among them all. The best Easter football camp in Spain is the SIA Academy. The football academy