1. noorkhan says :Reply

    I want to join this Academy in China and waiting for your response thanku

  2. Sergio siame says :Reply

    I really want to come n join you sir please am a striker I do play 10 ND 11 I can do better sir am asking for s help please

  3. jalanie james says :Reply

    hi my name is jalanie contact me at 6398673 am 18 years old I’m from tobago i attend to signal hill secondary school im a midfielder am imterested in traininy. i really want to be apart of your team i have alot of talent and mam interesting in your football academy i really want to get out of my country an make something out of myself i really do want to make it an became a professional footballer can u please help me.

  4. Raphael says :Reply

    Hi my name is Raphael i’m in south African i’m interesting in your academy i want to go out and tobe with you there

  5. Raphael says :Reply

    Hi my name is Raphael i’m interesting in your academy please invite me

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