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Body composition study in sport The study of body composition includes the determination of the major components of the human body, the techniques and methods used to obtain them, and the influence of biological factors such as age, sex, nutritional status and physical activity. (1) Knowledge of body composition is essential for athletes for several
DO YOU KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF BODY COMPOSITION IN SOCCER? The aim of this article is to present the scientific basis for the analysis of body composition in soccer players, which is a fundamental tool for the assessment of nutritional status both in athletes and for anyone who wants to improve their health. Before we
Video analysis course
Coaches and FC Porto Academy’s players learn everything about the video analysis for increase their skills in the trainings and soccer games. Soccer Inter-Action realized this summer a strong technology investment to all the sports facilities with cameras for record all the soccer games and trainings. With this, also had implement a formation room and
entrenamiento jugador chileno de la academia
Knows the secrets of a country that bets on its young promises and that aspire to settle at the top of the elite of the American soccer pyramid.  Very wrong are fans who think that the good moment of the selection of Chile has already passed. It is true that in the past ten years
Soccer in South Korea is increasingly important thanks to the explosion of its young players over the past decade. Learn the secrets of their success and the potential they can achieve thanks to the International Soccer Academies. Just one more step needs to be given to football in Asia to achieve global success in football.
Soccer in Australia
The King sport gains adepts in a country with a great sporting tradition, especially in matters such as rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball, Motoring or cycling. Thanks to this great growth, international soccer academies, such as soccer Inter-Action, they have in their ranks the members of the Ocean continent. January is synonymous with tennis in