SIA, a soccer project

It is a project of soccer education professionals, combining soccer, education and technology. Aimed at players, coaches and teams. Our methodology is based on Tactical Periodization. Everything for you to achieve your dream.

Our Mission

Creating the ideal conditions at SIA Centre that allows the maximum development of soccer potential both at individual and team level. Giving everyone the opportunity to have a professional future in soccer. In the international football academy, in training sessions, clinics, camps, competing in tournaments, in trials, in the FC Porto Dragon Force Club, with the stages we will help you to achieve your goals.

Perfect Combination

We combine high level soccer with coaching through our own methodology based on tactical periodisation, values education, and the latest technology. When we send you for a trial you will really have the opportunity to achieve your dreams.

The perfect combination to make your dream come true.


The SIA revolves around football and tactical periodisation. We seek the maximum football performance of our students in our programmes, in the international football academy, in the UD Alzira, with the other Clubs with which we collaborate, in camps, clinics, training camps, tournaments, tests and events. The result is measured on the soccer pitch.


Our educational programmes are the means through which we transfer our methodology based on tactical periodisation and train students for the world of soccer and for life. Education through soccer.


Continuous innovation is fundamental at SIA in order to achieve our goal. Through technology we optimise and accelerate learning in the game. We innovate in tactical periodisation development processes.

Our methodology

The SIA METHODOLOGY developed on the basis of tactical periodisation is scientifically based and ensures the most suitable way to develop players, coaches and teams according to a Quality Game Idea, taking into account the requirements of modern football. The same methodological fundamentals are applied in the international football academy or through our clinics, camps, tournaments or in our own soccer school.

Model and Idea of the Game

The game of soccer is nowadays recognised as a Complex Phenomenon that demands a specific methodology to develop the talent of the players.

Pattern morphocycle

The SIA methodology is based on the methodological principles of Tactical Periodisation, originally created by Professor Victor Frade.

Methodological principles

No recipes or magic formulas for the perfect play. We believe and create our methodology based on tactical periodisation to generate the best game.

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