MOTIVATION AS A FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENT IN SPORTS PERFORMANCE             Motivation has been and continues to be one of the fields of greatest interest. It is already well-known in the sports community how important motivation is nowadays in order to maximise the talent and potential of an athlete. However, in many cases the exact definition of
Of all the aspects that condition the mentality and psychological strength of an athlete, perhaps one of the most influential and that can most modify sporting performance is what we know as anxiety. This psychological variable is present at all levels and in all situations surrounding competitive practice, whether we are referring to training or
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Covid tests will be held weekly at Soccer Inter-Action Our 3rd Division and National Youth team were performing Covid-19 tests The tests to detect covid-19 were mandatory for Third Division and National Youth (U-19) players since October. In the same way, the entire technical body and staff of these teams were tested. The tests are
Initial medical examinations at the Soccer Academy Soccer Inter-Action International Soccer Academy begins its annual High Performance program with traditional gas stress tests for its young international players. Ready to give their all. The summer vacation for the players of the International Soccer Academy of Soccer Inter-Action is over. It is time to get back
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Body composition study in sport The study of body composition includes the determination of the major components of the human body, the techniques and methods used to obtain them, and the influence of biological factors such as age, sex, nutritional status and physical activity. (1) Knowledge of body composition is essential for athletes for several
DO YOU KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF BODY COMPOSITION IN SOCCER? The aim of this article is to present the scientific basis for the analysis of body composition in soccer players, which is a fundamental tool for the assessment of nutritional status both in athletes and for anyone who wants to improve their health. Before we