1. Anderson says :Reply


    I would much appreciate if you could inform me regarding a registration of a 7 years old Polish national who lives in Madrid with parents Polish passport holders.

    I was told today by a football club in Madrid that my 7 years old child can not join a Spanish football club because he is not Spanish. Is it correct? My son is from EU and lives in Spain with his both parents who live and work in Spain, so where he will play football then with we all live here?

    Please help me with this question?

    Thanks in advance

  2. tom says :Reply


    If a young player aged 12-13 from south Asia wants to play in top European competition, is he allowed? Assuming he is an exceptional talent, what are the obstacle?

  3. Samson says :Reply

    I love it

  4. Michael says :Reply

    I have lived in Europe for more than 12 years can my son who’s not EU play football in England I need your help with this

    1. Josephngoka says :Reply

      Am from Kenya I love playing as a football as a striker

      1. Joseph ngoka says :Reply

        I love playing football as a striker

  5. check says :Reply

    I am 12 and I like to play in Europe

  6. Roy Burton says :Reply

    Love your post, Please keep us updated more often.

  7. Abolarin Israel says :Reply

    I am 12 and I like to play in europe

  8. Mutiu says :Reply

    My name is Mutiu am 19 year I can join you please

    1. Temple says :Reply

      Am Temple from Nigeria 18 years old and I like to play in Europe

  9. Alinaswe sichone says :Reply

    It is a good idea I love it how can I be connected to you

  10. Alinaswe sichone says :Reply

    OK am from Zambia

  11. Alinaswe sichone says :Reply

    Please call me if you have a spot for a goalkeeper, striker and midfielder

    1. Umoru paul says :Reply

      I my name is Paul I am from Nigeria and I am a footballer I love playing football and my dream is to play in a big team in Europe please I need your help this is my WhatsApp number +2347012542716 or this is my email address umorupaul9@gmail.com please I need your help

  12. Simon says :Reply

    Peace be with you i want to become football player but we dont have money to go another country please help me God bless you

  13. patrick says :Reply

    hi dear sir agent
    I’m Patrick, I talented players ready to play
    our tel number:
    we need to work with you

  14. Obineche Geraldine says :Reply

    How can a Nigerian with good skills make it to European country to play football. 19 years old

  15. olaitan says :Reply

    i want to be a footballer like cr7

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