Soccer Inter-Action High Performance Football Camp Christmas

SIA´s High Performance Camp

The High Performance Campus is offered to players from 12 to 22 years old. A highly qualified training to improve individual skills and increase the technical level in soccer practice.

SIA´s Intensive Camp

The intensive courses welcome players of all ages and qualities that will only share methodology and facilities, as from day one groups are divided based on age and capability.

Campus Dates

Camps will be deployed during the following dates:
6 Days modality you can choose from the following dates:

  • December 2020 28th to January 2021 3rd
Participants can vary the days. Joining workouts earlier or leaving later.

Extra Services


  • Pick up: 50 €
  • Drop off: 50 €
Extra Night
  • Previous night: 60 €
  • Last night: 60 €


  • 09:00h Technical activation
  • 09:30h Shooting
  • 10:00h Game principle
  • 10:30h Snack
  • 11:30h Video analysis
  • 12:00h Competitive moment
  • 13:30h Lunch
  • 15:00h Nutrition / Psychology workshop
  • 16:00h Language class
  • 17:00h Passing
  • 17:30h Competitive moment
  • 19:00h End
This schedule may be subject to change


  • Strict compliance with hygienic measures.
  • An ecg check-up will be performed at the beginning of the program. All players will have to pass a COVID test previously. He trains in groups of 6. The program will comply with all the safety measures and recommendations of the European Health Authorities.s

This schedule may be subject to change

  • High Performance
  • 795
    per 6 Days
  • Hotel in double room.
  • Breakfast, snack. lunch, snack and dinner.
  • Nutritionist control.
  • Complete clothing equipment.
  • Medical check.
  • COVID test.
  • Three workouts per day.
  • Video analysis session.
  • Training recording.
  • Language classes.

Easter Youth Camps FC Oporto

In April, at the Soccer Interaction facilities in Enguera (Valencia), FC. Porto organizes a new football campus for those who want to play their favorite sport during Easter holidays.

Enjoy the opportunity to train like FC Porto’s players in a campus of excellence designed to improve your skills. Option of accommodation in our own facilities.

Be a Dragon for 5 days, Easter holidays, and enjoy a program in which TECHNIFICATION will be the standard bearer, but without disregarding the relevance of the English lessons or the fantastic FC Porto Cup.

Training Program

  •  DCAPI Training: Training session focused on individual skills development. During these training sessions you will have the opportunity to improve aspects of your game that are not addressed to during team training sessions.
  • Team Training: Team training sessions in which the main objective is to improve your skills and tactical awareness within a tactical framework (FC Porto Principles of Play). During these trainings you will have the opportunity to connect with your team mates and to understand the importance of working as a team.
  • Competition Training: Small Sided Games designed to enhance football problems and highlight key aspects of the game. Players have to adapt and become football problem’s olvers. Drills promoting decision making and simulating the challenges that profesional players face on their daily routines.
  • FC Porto Cup: A tournament that will start on day 1 and will only finish on the last day. League, Cup, Champions League and Europa League are some of the tournaments that we will be playing throughout the Campus.
  • In addition to the football program we will be delivering ENGLISH CLASSES


Alumnos del campus en la copa FC Porto

Summer Football Camps FC Porto

A Dragon does not take a rest, not even in Summer!

FC Porto Dragon Force Summer Camps are made to develop the performance of each the performance of each soccer player, that is why technical development will be the main intention this Camp Edition. We offer all kind of elite trainings, from DCAPI to non-ball practice, with the aim of improving every characteristic of the players.

Camps will be opened weekly from June to August, for boys and girls from 6 to 19 years old. We offer different formation programs attending to level and age from each kid.

All programs are adapted to the improvement necessities of each group and they have the aim of optimize the player’s general performance. We have also a lot of amusing activities during the whole Summer Camp.

For further information contact us on

+34 962 224 243

(Valencia) Carretera CV540 km 51, Enguera (Valencia)

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What are you waiting for to start flying? Summer is just around the corner and the long-awaited Soccer Interaction's ELITE GOALKEEPING CAMP is set to become a success. A Goalkeeping Training Program designed to develop all the details required at a high profile environment and that will certainly help you to move a step forward in your development.

With the support of FC Porto and Global Porteros, you will have the chance to work under the guidelines of professional goalkeeping coaches (fluent in both spanish and english) with a proven track record in developing elite youth Goalkeepers.

Designed to improve the skills of all Goalkeepers between the age of 6 and 18 years old, this football program will provide and environment where you can breathe football and be under the spotlights. Through a variety of programs each goalkeeper will have the chance to select the schedule more suitable to his needs and to take the most of this fantastic experience.

For further information contact us on

+34 962 224 243

(Valencia) Carretera CV540 km 51, Enguera (Valencia)

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FC Porto Training Soccer Camps

FC Porto international camps , are led by FC Porto coaches and are focused on helping players from 6 to 18 years.

These football programs are focused on developing several football skills such as passing, driving, shooting and the first touch. All these actions are trained within a tactical framework which allows us to deliver important cues who help our players through their learning process and to improve their decision making.

FC Porto International Camps Valencia , FC Porto International Camps Valencia are an opportunity to learn and to live a fantastic experience through football education. All of this in a comfortable ground in one of the most charismatic European cities, Valencia.

All training sessions are designed and delivered by official FC Porto coaches. English classes delivered by qualified teachers and all leisure activities are (swimming, cycling, canyoning, archery….) are monitored by tutors.

All activities in our camps are football related and aim to develop both soft and hard skills. All training sessions are part of our Dcapi Program (individual skills development program), based on FC Porto’s successful methodology who has a proven track record on developing football players.

Our camps will help you to develop your football skills and to awake your creativity and desire of reaching your football goals.

SIA CENTER , Spain’s headquarters of SIA International Soccer Camps.


FC Porto Internacional Camps takes place in Enguera, Valencia, in our all-in-one facilities, SIA High Performance Centre.

Our centre of excellence have official soccer fields with natural and artificial grass. We have our own hotel and restaurant within the Academy’s premises, allowing all our players to spend quality moments during their free time.


1.FC Porto Valencia International Camp’s Training KIT.
2. Medical Assessment.
3. FC Porto football training methodology.
4. Training sessions led by FC Porto official coaches.
5. Menu designed by our sports nutritionists.
6.  Leisure time and adventure activities with authorized professionals.
7. Access to private swimming pool with security.
8. FC Porto participation CertificateEnglish classes with qualified teachers.
9. Accommodation.
10.FC Porto participation Certificate.