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Official FC Porto TRIALS

Do You Want to be Scouted by FC Porto Coaches?

Join our Trials workshops and you could be one of the chosen ones.


We combine sports, education and technology in a realm addressed to optimize player´s performance

SIA Football Academy

International elite football academy

In our SIA Center in Spain Soccer Interaction have our own international football academy. The best european youth football academy. Join a football academy europe

SIA Academy, to the international football academy,are high-performance programs that seek to promote the highest level of the students and prepare them for a professional future in soccer in Europe.

In these long-term educational programs, no matter the age or sex of the student

Students from all over the world come to SIA Center to the international elite football academy to train in three disciplines. Football academy trials :

Dragon Force is a project of international soccer schools of the Portuguese club FC Porto, one of the biggest clubs of Europe. FC Porto has found the ideal partner in Soccer Inter-Action and The international football academy for the joint management of the “Dragon Force Valencia Soccer Club” at the SIA Center facilities in Spain.

We have teams of different ages trained by official coaches from FC Porto. A unique opportunity to be part of a great club.

“During your program at SIA Academy Soccer Interaction in the international football academy you will have the opportunity to learn, to play and practice at our local FC Porto Dragon Force Valencia soccer club and do trials in Europe. SIA Football academy open trials .”

Note: The club is registered in Spain, in the non-professional competitive field of the Federation

Play in FC Porto Dragon Force Valencia

Train in FC Porto Dragon Force Valencia .How to get into a football academy in europe

Get a trial at FC Porto. Professional football academy trials

Win with FC Porto Dragon Force Valencia. Play international tournaments.