SIA, a Professional Soccer project in Spain

A Project that aims to develop soccer players through an holistic approach. Through the lenses of Tactical Periodization we are able to provide an environment that promotes learning and enhances football performances, ensuring that all players and coaches enrolling in our programs will improve their skills and increase the chances of reaching professional soccerl.

Our Mission

At SOCCER INTER-ACTION we relate to the passion and desire of aspiring soccer players and we know how to help them accomplishing their dream of becoming a successful soccer player. Our vision is to “Educate through Soccer”. We aim to assist aspiring players in their development and to help them becoming well-rounded people. Our programs are tailored to meet all the requirements of an elite environment and we offer a clear pathway to professional soccer through our “SIA Academy for players” program.

Perfect Combination

All soccer programs designed by Soccer Interaction’s technical staff respect Tactical Periodization guidelines, ensuring that all our soccer experiences are in line with highest standards. By enrolling in ourSoccer Campus, Football Clinics or SIA Academy for soccer players you’ll have the chance to develop the necessary skills to succeed as a professional soccer player. We know that to develop players we need to challenge them. Therefore we provide our players with trials at professional clubs, ensuring that they have a chance of reaching their goals.



Our technical staff focuses on soccer player's development by providing them with competitive and challenging environments. Through our soccer programs we aim to develop the tools that will enable our players to solve game related problems and due to our network and partnership with FC Porto Dragon Force we have the ability to provide our players with trials. This allows us to ensure that our aspiring soccer players have the chance to showcase their skills and seek a career in professional soccer.


SIA Academy aims to develop well-rounded people. We encourage our players to seek excellence in both soccer and academics and we provide the perfect environment for them to reach those goals


Innovation is a cornerstone of our Project. Through the Access to innovative tools in the teaching of soccer we are able to encourage learning and promote development. A thorough understanding of tactical periodization allows us to design the most suitable soccer programs for all our players.

Our Methodology

Soccer Interaction’s delivers successful soccer programs, focused on preparing athletes to perform at the highest level. All our training sessions are designed to develop a thorough understanding of a specific principle of play and no detail is left behind.

Principles of Play

We provide our players with an exciting tactical framework. We want them to be prepared to play at the highest level. A possession based style requires teams to understand several aspects of the game. The importance of key details on how to play through the thirds, how to press high on the field and to understand how the team has won the ball back are key aspects of our game model. Our thorough approach allows our players to develop both defensive and offensive tools but most importantly allows them to develop a thorough understanding of the game.

Week Cycle

Our methodology respects the guidelines of Tactical Periodization, which is the same methodology adopted by the Likes of José Mourinho (Manchester United) and André Villas-Boas (former Chelsea, Tottenham and Shanghai SIPG).

Methodological Principles

Through Tactical Periodization Key Methodological Principles we ensure that our players develop a thorough understanding of the game and enhance their technical skills and mental toughness.

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