The cheating on the pitch

One of the unsportsmanlike actions that the youngest see most during a game on television is the simulation of a foul or aggression. It is a very common practice that we can see in many matches and that has become an art, the “art of deception”. Unfortunately it has become part of the game and


One of the most controversial aspects in the world of football is the situation of minors who want to play football abroad. There is no doubt that this is a controversial issue that has caused great contradictions and, according to the author of this article, much injustice. But let us proceed  step by step: What

seleccion india sub 20

The king of sports in Europe “football” is increasingly present in the second most populous country in the world (in India), but it still has a long way to reach glory. A national reference is needed … and that could be you. What do I have to do to succeed in Europe? The first thing

Jorge Mendes intermediario de futbolistas

The football players agencies  or intermediaries as they are now known and the agencies of football players have become a fundamental piece in the current football . Personalities such as Jorge Mendes, Jonathan Barnett and Mino Raiola appear day in and day out on the front pages of sports newspapers when the signing season arrives.